Hi, my name is Pat Ryan.

I see photography as an art form, a visualization, a collection life experiences and nature. This photographic journey, as I age, has certainly taught me different ways to see the world. My photography reflects this.  I visualize my shot before I capture. In most cases, I already know what the shot is going to look like and what I want to do in editing. It’s not unusual for me to get in my car and go for a road trip not knowing what I’m going to find. That’s the adventure.

Today, I have all digital equipment but I started with film years ago. I was taught the finite intricacies of photography, cameras and lenses when I went to college in Milwaukee for photography. I’m grateful to have been taught how a camera and lens function along with how to work with film.

Though most of my photography is color, I’m partial to black and white. If done correctly, it has a sentiment or uniqueness to it that color can’t capture. I’d like to think that my photography has a distinct feel to it; something that gives a person thought or perhaps becomes a part of the photograph.

I’m a member of the Sheboygan Visual Artists. I’ve had photography exhibitions at Lakeland College Sheboygan; EBCO/Sheboygan Visual Artists; Frank Juarez Gallery; Racine Wustum Art Museum; Sheboygan Senior Center; and the Z Spot in Sheboygan.

Pat Ryan



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